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Books are the most significant constituents for a culture to become a civilisation. Heirs to one of the largest civilisation that has attached great recognition and shown respect to books, Culture Company carries on with publishing activities on the notion that books are the most important means of conveying our culture and civilisation to the future.

What we aim at corporate publishing is to introduce the culture of Istanbul via domestic and foreign publications that are based on books. The lure books that discuss the issues and topic about Istanbul with due diligence and superior qualifications, as well as the project of Faces of Istanbul, which has made great contributions to the cultural inventory and assets of the city, are indications that show that the works of Culture Co. and good efforts for introducing the culture of Istanbul are actually appreciated and supported.

Intending to enable children to have access to highly precious literature works and master drawings, Culture Co. Çocuk Yayınları carries on with further works to provide a rich library for children and for the youth by considering their period of development, interests and expectations.

Audio and visual publishing are the areas used effectively in conveying the city culture by Culture Co. The Girift Musical CD by Süleyman Erguner, who conduced to recover the long-forgotten musical instrument, which is a traditional wind Turkish instrument; musical CD named "İstanbullu Efsane Hanımların Dillerindeki Şarkılar" by Sema Moritz, who compiled the late tango, foxtrot, operetta and canto genres in a phonograph record, and Lale Doğunun Işığı, a documentary to the centuries-old adventure of Lale, are some of the examples to the audio and visual publications by Culture Co.

1453 Istanbul Culture and Art Magazine, which was first published in 2007 by Culture Co. as a 4-month periodical, breathed a new life to the urban publication, and is assertive on becoming the sound of culture of Istanbul. The magazine presents to the readers the history and culture of Istanbul under a different topic in each issue, supported by the articles of expert names, and is prepared within Culture Co.