Kültür A.Ş



Director of Plevne 1877 Panorama Museum, Dr. Milko Asparuhov, visited Culture Co. with a delegation headed by Mr. Şenol Genç, Education Attaché of Turkish Embassy in Sofia. General Director, Mr. Nevzat Kütük, gave a briefing to the delegation concerning Culture Co.

Dr. Milko Asparuhova, said in his speech that he had information concerning Panorama 1453 Museum of History and Culture Co. and this museum was very much impressive thanks to its feature of being “full panoramic”. Asparuhova added that “Firstly, I would like to thank Mayor of Istanbul, General Director of Culture Co. and the directors. I am also aware of your publications. I also would like to congratulate you for publishing such prestigious and nice books.” He also stated that they could cooperate about organizing joint events such as conferences, exhibitions and they were ready to collaborate on that.

General Director, Mr. Nevzat Kütük said that he was very much pleased to see the directors of Plevne 1877 Museum and the Attaché Mr. Şenol Genç. He added as follows: “Of course, history is the science that sets the positions of the nations on the Earth. It gives different roles to the nations and they take their seats in the stage of history with their success or failure. In this framework, I am pleased to be together with people on the platform of universal values in the context of culture, art, literature, history and museology with whom we shared a common past in a period in history. I hope we will develop efficient relations and work on common values.”

The Attaché in the Turkish Embassy in Sofia, Mr. Şenol Genç, said as follows: “We will be pleased to have cultural, social and artistic activities with the Plevne Panorama. There is no ideology of culture and art. We need to develop something out of the values of today in the name of culture and art.

The delegation then visited the Panorama 1453 Museum of History and Turkish World Cultural Homes.

General Director, Mr. Nevzat Kütük, presented the book named “Ageless Istanbul” as gift to the delegation. Dr. Asparuhov, on behalf of the delegation, presented a placard of cube made out of the bullets of Gazi Osman Paşa, the hero of Plevne.