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A cultural committee from Kazakhstan visited Miniatürk, which is run by Culture Co., and obtained information and consultancy from the miniature park’s experts this week to develop their idea of establishing a new museum of miniature buildings in the city of Astana. Miniatürk, which is located at the north-eastern shore of Golden Horn and was opened in 2003 with the attendance of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, stands out for its stunning collection of miniature buildings and monuments from all over the world.

Altybayeva: “We wish to benefit from the experiences of Culture Co.”

The representatives from Astana were hosted by Culture Co.’s General Director Nevzat Kütük and Miniatürk’s Director Resul Erkan. After finishing their tour at Miniatürk, Alma Altybayeva, Deputy Governor of Astana, Yerlan Sattybayev, Astana’s Director of Cultural Affairs, and Kanat Tokesbay, Astana’s Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs, uttered their admiration for Miniatürk. The cultural committee received a briefing from the experts and directors of Culture Co. and Miniatürk on their efforts to establish a museum of miniature buildings in their city.

Kütük: “We will give our full support to Astana”

Nevzat Kütük, General Director of Culture Co., said that they will give full support for the establishment of a new museum of miniature buildings in the city of Astana: “We are immensely proud of Miniatürk for how it has inspired many other cities around the globe to build their own versions of this miniature park of magnificent buildings and historical monuments. Within this context, we had a very fruitful meeting with committee chair H.E. Altybayeva of Astana and their committee members. As Culture Co. of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we shared our experiences of establishing and running Miniatürk as well as that of planning Miniaworld Museum, which will be built in Yenikapı, Fatih. We also gave them the necessary information about the process of making of models as well as about other technical matters. As we explained to our honorable colleagues, we are delighted to give our full support to the city of Astana in this project. Our distinguished guests also expressed their pleasure for their visit to Culture Co. in Istanbul and their admiration for Miniatürk.”